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Gladys Marie Moon was born October 10, 1916 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and died August 02, 1994 in Sedan, Kansas. She married Archie Gray Williams Sr. February 08, 1934 in Newkirk, Kay Co., OK, son of Walter Lee Williams Sr. and Rosa Lee Moll. He was born November 10, 1910 in Posey Co., IN, and died February 10, 1990 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Gladys and Archie was buried August 05, 1994, and February 13, 1990 in Oak Hill Cemetery, Chautauqua, Kansas.  Archie And Gladys' Children are Elmer Lee Williams born April 08, 1937 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma; died August 07, 1994 in Missouri. Rosa Lee Marie Williams, born November 14, 1938 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma; died November 27, 2001 in 4768 Cornell Drive, Bartlesville, OK. Gertrude Janete Williams, born March 25, 1940 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma; died October 20, 1993.  Mary Francis Williams born on Janruary 13, 1942 in Pawhuska, OK and Died on Janruary 13, 2012 she Married Marion Edward Mcdaniel on March 10, 1973 in Enid, OK Marion McDaniel was born  July 3, 1952 in Globe, AZ and Died February 5, 2012 in Tulsa OK both Mary and Marion are buried in Pawhuska Cemetery in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.   Archie Gray Williams Jr.,Raymond Harold Williams, Retha Raydean Williams, John Edward Williams Sr., Julia Ann Williams, Roy Henry Williams, Jimmy Lee Williams Sr.

William Elmer Moon Sr. was born October 07, 1880 in Knoxville, ILL, and died December 17, 1959 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. He married Rosa Lee Belle Frayer September 26, 1905 in Newkirk, Kay Co., OK, daughter of William Frayer and Jane Hall. She was born March 12, 1890 in Brushy Fork, ARK, and died January 14, 1952 in Near Hominy, Oklahoma. William Elmer Moon Sr. and Rosa Lee Belle Frayer are buried in Pawhuska Cemetery, Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  William and Rosa's Children are Francis Melvina Moon, born April 20, 1907 in Newkirk, Oklahoma; died February 20, 1968 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She married John Edward Baker. Francis Melvina Moon was buried on February 23, 1968, Del City, Oklahoma. Velma May Moon, born June 10, 1908 in Newkirk, Oklahoma; died March 26, 1987 in Jane Phillips Hospital, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Robert Elery Moon, born November 09, 1910 in hominy, Oklahoma; died January 17, 1989 in hallettville, Texas. Robert Moon was buried on January 19, 1989, South Park Cemetery. Roy Elmer Moon, born May 22, 1913 in Newkirk, Oklahoma; died April 16, 1967 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Gladys Marie Moon, born October 10, 1916 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma; died August 02, 1994 in Sedan, Kansas. Helen Lee Moon, born August 27, 1921 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma; died November 29, 2005 in Bakersfield, California. William Elmer Moon Jr., born August 09, 1925 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma; died June 22, 1976 in Houston, Texas. Margaret Louise Moon, born August 30, 1930 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma; died February 01, 1988 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Job Moon was born April 06, 1846 in Pennsylvania, and died October 14, 1904. He married Francis Myria Reed, daughter of Perry Reed. She was born October 28, 1844 in Ohio, and died December 25, 1930 in Pawhuska, OK. Job and Francis Moon are buried in Newkirk, OK Cemtery.  Children of Job Moon and Francis Reed are: William Elmer Moon Sr., born August 07, 1881 in Knoxville, ILL; died December 17, 1959 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Mary Elizabeth Moon, born October 22, 1877 in Knoxville, ILL; died January 17, 1930 in Newkirk, OK. She married Marble B. Aney. Mary Elizabeth Moon is buried in Newkirk, OK Cemtery. Perry Nelson Moon, born September 07, 1873 in Illinois; died February 24, 1943 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Perry Nelson Moon was buried on February 26, 1943, Pawhuska cemetery, Thomas Moon.

Jane Melvina Hall was born October 10, 1863 in Topeka, Kansas, and died May 05, 1916 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. She married (1) William Egbert Frayer October 10, 1880. He was born July 1862 in New York. She married (2) Willis Jerome Keithley September 24, 1894 in Newkirk, Kay Co., OK, son of Lewis Keithley and Mary Turner. He was born April 02, 1873 in Stone Co., Missouri, and died December 07, 1934 in Bartlesville, Washington, Oklahoma. Jane Hall went blind when Josie was eleven years old. Jane Hall Keithley was buried May 07, 1916, White Rose Cemtery, Bartlesville, OK. William Keithley was buried in White Rose Cemetery, Bartlesville, OK. Children of Jane Hall and William Frayer are: Susie Ann Frayer, born December 28, 1882 in Kansas; died January 08, 1951 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Susie Turner and Arthur Turner is buried in Pawhuska cemetery. Charlie Elmer Frayer, born January 22, 1887 in Arkansas; died February 26, 1943 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Rosa Lee Belle Frayer, born March 12, 1890 in Brushy Fork, Ark; died January 14, 1952 in Near Hominy, Oklahoma. Children of Jane Hall and William Keithley are: Hattie Keithley, born February 05, 1894 in Topeka, Kansas; died April 20, 1941 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Hattie Felton is buried in Pawhuska cemetery. Roy Joseph Keithley, born March 28, 1897 in Pawhuska, Indian Territory; died November 04, 1971 in Kansas City, Missouri. Roy Keithley was buried in MT. Washington Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri.. Neal Oliver Keithley, born September 06, 1898 in Kansas. Martha Mary Josephine Keithley, born December 24, 1902 in Pawhuska, Indian territory, Oklahoma; died June 07, 1972 in Spokane, Washington. Martha Mary Josephine Keithley and James Freeman are buried in Ivy Lawn Cemetery, Ventura. Goldie Keithley, born july 14, 1908 in Oklahoma; died October 11, 1938 in Vinta, Craig, Oklahoma. Goldie Keithley and Dave Collier are buried in White Rose Cemetery, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Perry Moon was born About 1800 in New York. He married Elizabeth Moon. She was born About 1815 in New York. Perry and Elizabeth's children Job Moon, born April 06, 1846 in Washington, Erie, Pennsylvania; died October 14, 1904. Alma Moon, born About 1837 in Pennsylvania. Almira Moon, born About 1839 in Pennsylvania. Robert A. Moon, born About 1841 in Pennsylvania; died 1915. Robert A. Moon is buried in Newkirk, Oklahoma Cemetery. Lucy Moon, born About 1843 in Pennsylvania. Delia Moon, born About 1849 in Pennsylvania.

Thomas Jefferson Hall was born January 22, 1832 in Arkansas, and died May 29, 1896 in 66years, 4 months, 7 days,. He married (1) Julia Ann Pappan?. She died October 19, 1864 in Topeka, Kansas. He married (2) Nacrissa Adaline Guelette October 20, 1867 in North Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. She was born June 15, 1840 in Louisiana, and died September 13, 1914 in Bartlesville, Washington, Oklahoma. Thomas Jefferson Hall was buried May 30, 1896, WoodLand Cemetery in Cleveland, Ok.  Cause of Death: Black Lung Disease Census: Very Dark = Black. Nacrissa Hall lived with Harry Jefferson and Ethel Hall after Thomas Jefferson Hall died. Nacrissa Adaline Hall is buried in White Rose Cemetery, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Children of Thomas Hall and Julia Pappan? are: George Washington Hall, born About 1857 in Louisiana. Fannie Hall, born About 1860 in Ohio River; died in California. Clarence Edward Hall, born 1863 in Kansas. Jane Melvina Hall, born October 10, 1862 in Topeka, KS; died May 05, 1916 in Pawhuska, OK. Thomas and Nacrissa Hall's children are Thomas Samuel William Hall, born January 18, 1868 in Topeka, Kansas; died October 12, 1929 in 3 miles south of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Anna Amelia Hall, born June 06, 1871 in Topeka, Kansas; died February 09, 1938 in Tuxedo, Washington, Oklahoma. Henry Elmer Hall, born January 22, 1877 in Topeka, Kansas; died July 26, 1941 in Olympia, Washington. Katie E. Hall, born November 17, 1878 in Topeka, Kansas; died December 16, 1929 in Bartlesville, Washington, Oklahoma. Harry Jefferson Hall, born February 08, 1882 in 18 miles north of Topeka, Kansas; died August 08, 1943 in Bartlesville, Washington, Oklahoma. Mary Hall, born 1869 in Topeka, Kansas.

Jackie Wilson and Alice N.